Chipotle’s new lifestyle bowls include a DOUBLE PROTEIN option

Chipotle’s new lifestyle bowls offer new, slightly healthier, menu options to customers who are following a specific diet or trying to eat healthier.

It’s not too late to revive those diet-related New Year’s resolutions, thanks to Chipotle’s new salad and protein bowls promoting healthier eating at all locations .

Choosing healthier options while dining out, unfortunately, isn’t always easy — you know this if you frequent drive-throughs and are no stranger to takeout containers. The truth is, it’s either too difficult to identify what’s really “healthy” based on the menu, or you see any kind of pasta covered in sauce and four kinds of cheese and you’re sold.

But major restaurant chains like Chipotle are trying to make healthier choices easier to find. Their menu was already filled with healthy ingredients to start with, but these new menu items are unique ingredient combinations put together for anyone willing or eager to try them.

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Here’s a closer look at what you might expect from each one — including one with more protein than you’ve possibly ever consumed in a single bowl. Can you handle it? Keto Salad Bowl

The ketogenic or “keto” diet is all the rage these days, promoting a high-fat, low-carb eating experience that can potentially be healthy if done correctly.

In response to the dietary fat-friendly trend, Chipotle now offers a keto bowl filled with all the veggies and condiments you’ve ever dreamed of — including cheese!

Ingredients include: Romaine lettuce


Red salsa



Paleo Salad Bowl

The Paleo diet is a grain-free dietary lifestyle that encourages the consumption of mostly fruits, vegetables, and meat. This is meant to mimic the assumed diets of our hunter-gatherer ancestors and promote a cleaner way of eating.

Chipotle’s paleo bowl

Ingredients include: Barbacoa

Romaine lettuce

Fajita veggies

Green salsa


Whole30 Salad Bowl

The Whole30 diet is heavy on the fruits and veggies and says “no” to grains and dairy, as well as added sugars, preservatives, and other foods and beverages that may negatively affect your health.

Normally, the Whole30 diet discourages eating out because it’s nearly impossible to adhere to all the rules when you’re not purchasing and preparing your own ingredients at home. This is Chipotle’s attempt to combat the issue.

Ingredients include: Carnitas

Fajita veggies

Romaine lettuce

Tomato salsa


Double Protein Bowl

For those looking to increase their protein intake while working toward those six-pack abs, Chipotle now offers a bowl with full portions of both chicken and steak in a healthy, flavorful bowl that will leave you full, satisfied, and regret-free.

While this bowl wasn’t developed to help you adhere to a specific diet, it can increase your consumption of healthy plant and animal-based proteins if you generally struggle to get those at home or at other restaurants.

Ingredients include: White rice

Black beans

Steak (full portion)

Chicken (full portion)

Romaine lettuce

Red salsa Sour cream All these bowls — including the protein-packed option — will be sticking around for a while. No limited-time diet-friendly meals here! Would you eat at Chipotle if you were on one of these diets, or try one of their lifestyle bowls as a healthier eating-out option? Tell us what you think!


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