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Hey guys! Creator here! We launched our new meal planning software in beta with Paleo, AIP late last year and today we’re going live with the software along with a brand-new keto version of our meal planner. Lots of meal plans out there source recipes from all sorts of bloggers and places online. That’s great, but sometimes it ends up meaning you have super-complicated recipes that aren’t standardized and just too complicated for people in a hurry. Our plans come with a 15 minute, 5 ingredient guarantee that you can make them in under 15 minutes and with less than 5 ingredients – so you can make delicious food and get on with your life and don’t have to worry about random 3 hour recipes, or foreign ingredients you’ve never heard of showing up in your recipes. Our new software lets people dynamically build custom meal plans specifically for them, scale them based on who you’re cooking for and remove ingredients for picky eaters and allergies. On top of that – we have a one-click integration that lets you add your shopping cart to Amazon Fresh, Instacart or one of our other partners and get your groceries for the week automatically delivered to your door so you never have to go to the grocery store again! I’m happy to answer any questions you guys might have!

@joelrunyon congrats on getting this out there. The core value prop of keeping it simple resonates HUGELY with me. I’ve been wrestling with a new diet/program over the last few months and figuring out what to make for each meal without screwing up the diet is overwhelming at times. I am also constantly (constantly!) running late and/or eating as fast as humanly possible in order to accommodate my healthy eating, because it takes too long to prep/cook. I’d love to see a version of this for Wahl’s/low inflammation or The Metabolism Plan!

@taylor_jacobson Thanks Taylor! Yeah – when we took an objective look at the meal planning market – they were based on scraping random recipes from the internet, but lacked consistency both on quality, prep time and ingredients – so that’s been our main focus. Most of our customers just want to eat good, simple, healthy food – not get a culinary degree. We have the ability to create other meal plans for other diets, but are planning on staying within the paleo/keto/low-carb/AIP space for now. We’re working on having a "diet request" feature so we can have people vote on what diets we add next. We do have autoimmune protocol compliant plans available at and obviously Paleo. We plan on changing the umbrella name here sometime in the future as we offer more than just one type of meal plan.

Pros: I think this is an awesome idea. I especially love the 5 ingredients/15 minutes bit. I’ve been wanting to find some better recipes to be eating better, and keeping everything fast and simple makes it awesome. I’ve never paid for a recipe in my life, but you just got $20 from me. Cons: After making my payment through Stripe Checkout, I got a 500 error. A simple refresh took me to the dashboard, but it made me a little nervous. Then once I watched the video and went to the dashboard, there was no meal plan there. It shows a list of the days in the week, but there are no recipes in there or anything like that. My meal plan settings and everything look fine, but I get no content. I think this is an awesome idea and I would love for it to work, but now I’m kind of frustrated that I just paid $20 for broken software that isn’t giving me any value in return. I would also add that’s it not what I expected. The landing page shows a bunch of recipes that look pretty good, so I was expecting that I was getting access to a database of recipes. I’ve never used any kind of meal plan product before, so the idea of just getting a limited number of recipes each week left me a little bit disappointed. I think having screenshots of the product or a walkthrough of it on the landing page would help to manage expectations a little bit better. UPDATE: Joel worked with me to get the bug figured out really fast and everything seems to be working great now. Once the walkthrough video is done, I don’t think there will be any cons for me really. I’ll see how I’m feeling after a couple weeks of meal plans.

@dnsbty Awesome – glad to have you on board. I will take a look as that shouldn’t be happening! Note – if you’re not tied to a diet, we have paleo and AIP recipes available as well that you can select in your dashboard if you’re just looking for recipe ideas that are quick and simple. Thanks for the error heads-up!

@dnsbty Hey Dennis – just saw the 2nd part of this. We’re working on a visual walkthrough video just for this. As far as the error – I sent you a DM – this seems to be a fringe bug that we’re trying to squash. If you can ping me, we can get you sorted out with this.


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