Global Ketogenic Diet Food Market by Type, Distribution Channel and Geography – Forecast to 2023 –

943×49 expandable ad The rising geriatric population and dietary supplement among health conscious consumers act as the key factors driving the demand for ketogenic diet food in the global market. The increasing use of ketogenic diet food in supplement followed by beverage is expected to drive the growth of ketogenic diet food in the global market.

Ketogenic diet food is widely available in the form of tablet, pills, snacks, powder or liquid form. Rapid intake ketogenic diet food in western countries particularly among young people boost the demand for ketogenic diet food supplement. The shift to higher consumption of animal products and foods rich in fat and sugars, combined with urban sedentary lifestyles, will increase the risks of overweight and obesity. The ketogenic diet acted as a natural therapy for weight reduction in obese patients. A ketogenic diet helps in burning fat, reduce calorie intake and increase feelings of fullness, compared to other weight-loss diets.

According to data published by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), consumers are expected to eat 222.2 pounds by 2018. Booming of meat and poultry industry is expected to increase the demand of ketogenic food. The popularity of high protein and fat diets such as the ketogenic diet among consumers by avoid carbohydrates boost the demand in keto diet food in the US market

Due to the changes in lifestyles, rising geriatric population, growing incidence of chronic diseases and diet patterns in the United States, the demand for ketogenic diet food protein is expected to increase. BHB is the main ingredient in keto supplements available in the form of liquid or powder and contains only electrolyte. MCTs or exogenous ketones supplements have potential applications to boost energy and mitigating some of the risks and symptoms of certain diseases like cancer and neurologically inclined deceases.

The major segmentation in the global ketogenic diet food market report includes the market estimates by type- supplements, beverage and meals. By distribution channel- hyper/super market, food & drink specialists store, convenience stores and others. The keto supplement segment dominated the ketogenic diet food market by type, owing to the prevailing health awareness among consumers, increasing per capita income levels, expansion of health & wellness supplement companies in US and Europe. The most important use of ketogenic diet food is in the enhancement of energy and reduces Epilepsy seizures across globe

North America maintains the leading position in the ketogenic diet food market due to the rise in overweight and obesity, resulting in numerous diseases. More significant numbers of individuals are developing health complications associated with these conditions, creating an ever-growing market for ketogenic diet food. Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period (2018-2023)

The ketogenic diet is composed mostly of healthy fats including avocados, nuts, full-fat dairy, seeds, and healthy oils like MCT, olive oil and more. The growing demand for food supplements and raising awareness among consumers, regarding the benefits associated with ketogenic diet food, is driving the market. July 2018: Dang foods, has launched FATBAR, a new snack bar on the market aimed at keto dieters among both health and beauty conscious consumer. This product is high in fat, has moderate protein and low carbs, and is nut-based with no added sugar.

Jan 2018: Ample foods, San Francisco-based nutrition, launched Ample K which is a drinkable ketogenic meal across the global market. This product mainly contains more than 25 superfood ingredients, including ten times the probiotic content of kombucha, four types of fiber and additional electrolytes.

The key brands are embarking on mergers and acquisitions and new product development as some of their key strategies to achieve consolidation and optimize their offerings respectively. Major players in the market are Nestle, Danone, BPI Health, Prvit , Ketosis Tools, Zenith Nutrition, Perfect Keto, ZenWise Health, Ample Foods among many others. PUB: 03/12/2019 08:50 AM/DISC: 03/12/2019 08:50 AM


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