Health-boosting makeovers

On Saturday, the pair – who transformed their own bodies and lives through keto and launched their business, KETO United, 13 months ago – have organized the company’s first-ever Valentine Sweetheart Dance.

Dorsey and Lloyd say the dance will feature music, a DJ, karaoke, craft projects for kids, dinner, and a special appearance by Jimmy and Christine Moore, the South Carolina-based authors of the new handbook, “Real Food Keto.”

Christine Woodward Moore is a nutritional therapist while Jimmy Moore is known for his Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb writings and influential podcasts devoted to health and nutrition.

Lloyd says Keto United is helping people change their lives for the better. She and Dorsey both serve as keto instructors and mentors.

Before her switch to keto, Lloyd struggled with health and weight problems, including getting diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic.

For Dorsey, who lives in Kearneysville, the ketogenic diet has helped her shed 110 pounds. She’s off medication and no longer suffers from autoimmune conditions, high blood pressure or insomnia.

Both women completed training with Dr. Eric Westman, the co-founder and a top researcher in the Ketogenic Lifestyle at HEALcare, a ketogenic program that uses food as medicine. They also worked with Jackie Eberstein, director of care protocol and the former nurse and partner of Dr. Robert Atkins of the famed Atkins Diet.

Both Dorsey and Lloyd mentor people online and also work with people in their homes. “We want to give people the support they need,” Lloyd said. “Being part of a community is a big part of what we do. People can feel isolated and alone. We want them to stick with the keto lifestyle. We help them to do that.”


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