Here’s What Jillian Michaels Really Thinks About the Keto Diet

If you haven’t at least heard of the ketogenic diet by now…we’re truly impressed. The high-fat, moderate-protein, extremely low-carb diet is said to help you lose weight by burning through existing stores of fat, and it’s all the rage.

So what do wellness experts really think about it? Talking with Bobbi Brown on her podcast, Long Story Short , personal trainer Jillian Michaels went on the record about the über-popular diet. Here’s what she said:

“When you look at it, you’ve got a few claims to fame, and this is all that’s being presented [about the diet]. So it’s, ‘oh my God, you lose fat really fast. Like, I’m noticing a difference.’ And you do , because you’re depriving the body of carbohydrates.”

Michaels explained that when the body doesn’t get enough fuel from carbohydrates, it might start depleting other sources of energy. In this case, it’s healthy tissue like muscle and bone.

And when Brown asked Michaels, “People listening want to know: Should they try keto?”, Michaels replied with an emphatic hell no . According to her, “All the benefits that you can get from keto can be gotten through a balanced diet of healthy protein, fat and carbs.”

Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of the keto diet, you can’t deny that this is serious food for thought. (Heh.)

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