Introducing eco-keto: 2019’s insane new hybrid diet

Could "eco-keto" be a sustainable fat-burning solution – or is it a harmfully restrictive fad diet best avoided? Credit: Getty Question: what happens when two of the biggest lifestyle trends of 2019 – eco-friendly eating and the fat-busting ketogenic diet – combine?

Answer: you get a corker of a new buzzword. ‘Eco-keto’.

It certainly sounds catchy, but are eco and keto in any way compatible? At first glance, it would appear not.

The ketogenic diet – in case you’ve been in hermitage for the past year – is the weight loss diet du jour , the Atkins of our times (in fact, it’s pretty similar to the Atkins diet, but maybe just a tad more extreme). Briefly, then: disciples of keto (fans include Halle Berry and Alicia Vikander) argue that carbs are the enemy, and should only make up five per cent of your daily diet.

Doing so…


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