Is the keto diet craze worth it?

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Many people are trying out the high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet as part of their New Year’s resolution to stay fit, but many medical professionals are on the fence about whether or not the diet is effective, or even safe.

Sara Wilson-Rector, a Nurse Practitioner with Premier Health Network, joined 2 NEWS this week to explain what the body goes through on this type of diet.

“Carbohydrates are pretty much the major resource for energy for your body to work as a whole,” she says. “So by going on a very low-carb diet you’re asking your body to use something different. With the keto diet, it’s fats.”

The basic idea is that by taking in very few carbohydrates, your body will start using fats instead as its main energy source. The problem is, your body needs a balanced amount of both of these things in order to operate normally.

Wilson-Rector says if you want to get into better shape, you are better off focusing on a well-rounded diet as opposed to a restrictive one. Exercise, she says, is also a must.

“People don’t want to exercise, but you’re not going to get good, sustainable results if you’re not doing a good combination of both,” she said.


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