Keto Air Fryer Recipes That’ll Make You Want to Cave and Buy One

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Since the keto diet is so high in fat, deep frying is fair game. But there’s still a place for the air fryer in a keto dieter’s kitchen. Sure the device’s raison d’être is giving food a "fried" quality without the use of oil. But since they’re really just mini ovens, they also make cooking quicker and less messy. So go ahead and invest in the cooking tool if you haven’t already—the Ninja 4-Quart Air Fryer ($89, ) is a solid option—but in the meantime, check out these ketogenic air fryer recipes to inspire your next dinner. 2 of 11

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Bacon is keto-approved, no surprise there. (However, eating nothing but bacon and avocado is a common misinterpretation of the keto diet , so don’t go overboard.) But have you ever considered preparing it in your air fryer? Prepping a batch in your air fryer to eat throughout the week can save time and effort and is way less greasy than doing it on the stove. 3 of 11

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Buffalo chicken in tot form needs no introduction. These have a coating made with cheese and almond flour and clock in at just 1 gram of carb per serving. The directions call for frying them, but an air fryer will also get the job done. 4 of 11

All photos Meatloaf usually calls for a fatty blend of ground beef, but also breadcrumbs, which aren’t so keto-friendly. This meatloaf sliders recipe uses almond and coconut flour instead, cutting down on carbs. 5 of 11 All photos You can’t go wrong with chicken nuggets. These have an Asian-style sesame "breading" and almond butter sauce for dipping. They’re paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and Whole30 compliant, so they’ll please even the pickiest of crowds. 6 […]


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