Keto bloat – and the other things no one tells you before you do a low-carb diet

Joshua Burt struggled on the Keto Diet According to the good scientists at the famous Kellogg’s laboratory, more and more young people are complaining of feeling bloated, or having constipation. The reason for this plague of gut discomfort? Apparently it’s because millennials are so busy cutting out food groups in search of physical perfection that they’re almost completely forsaking fibre.

As a recent veteran of the wildly popular and decidedly anti-carb Keto Diet, I can assure you, it’s not just elongated midnights of the soul on the toilet you have to look forward to when you decide to start stripping away entire food groups.

Here are some other treats you’ll have in store… You may feel drowzy, woozy, and headachy for longer than…


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