My January Dad Bod Challenge: I’ve lost 9lbs in two weeks – but the ‘keto flu’ has hit me hard

Joshua is suffering from the consequences of his body burning a different fuel It’s the middle of the afternoon and I should be working, but instead I’m watching a YouTube video about pizza. Before this, I watched another video about pizza, and after this, I might watch another one. Why? Because I’m hungry and I like torturing myself.

Also, because I’ve seemingly developed a craving for what they call a “New York Slice”, which is profoundly weird because I’ve only been to New York once, two decades ago, and when I was there I ate a grand total of zero “slices”.

My god, they look good though. All that dough, the crust, the tomato-ey bits. What I wouldn’t give to let just one slice past my lips.

I’ve learned a lot about myself since embarking on the Ketogenic Diet at the…


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