Sinclair Cares: Fitness experts check in about popular diet trends

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With the new year a lot of us are looking for a new leaner look.

Maxine Bentzel uncovers how many popular diets are based in foods that can essentially eliminate exercises effectiveness.

When Paolo Marin decided she was going to start exercising, she had one thing in mind: “to lose some weight for sure.”

She’s not alone.

Personal trainer Wade Waddick works with people every day with the same goal.

“I would say 85 to 90 percent of people who walk through the door are yes, looking to lose weight,” Waddick told us.

But it takes a lot more than just exercise.

“We know that eating right and exercising is key to longevity,” Waddick said.

And eating right is right up nutrition consultant Lily Maul’s alley. She works with clients to teach them exactly what kinds of foods they should be eating.

“I think it’s really important for you to fuel your body properly for the activity you have ahead,” Maul said.

She says fad diets are popular, because they promise and often produce fast weight loss,

“Everyone is talking about keto, and everybody is talking about intermittent fasting," Maul said.

But she and others we spoke with have concerns about both.

The keto diet is high fat and low carb–which means it gives you energy to work out

“Healthy fats give you a lot of energy. You should have enough energy to be able to work out,” Maul said.

But she and others warn keto doesn’t offer enough protein to build muscle–effectively eliminating a lot of exercise’s effectiveness.

And she says intermittent fasting–while good for giving your digestive system a break every once in a while–doesn’t properly fuel your body for a workout.

“As long as the quality of food that you’re eating during the times that you are eating is high-quality food, it’s giving you energy.”

No food equals no energy for a fully functioning workout. Instead, experts suggest sticking to a diet that is high protein and low carb.

It’s easy to follow and provides what you need for peak performance.

“If you’re talking about longevity and you’re talking about health and you’re talking about aesthetics i think you have to have the diet right before you can expect exercise to really give you the results until you can see the results of exercise.”

So far, it’s worked for Marin, who’s lost 15 pounds.

“It really makes me feel a lot more energized in general,” Marin said.

And speaking of being energized, remember water is a workout and diet’s best friend. You want to stay hydrated at all times, and always avoid heavy foods right before working out.


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