Sioux Falls Businesses Cater to Trending Diets Like Keto Diet

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- As different diets become popular, some restaurants are changing up their menus to cater to these diets. An eating trend becoming popular across the U.S. and even in Sioux Falls involves low-carb diets such as the “Keto diet.”

“There are a lot of diets out on the market today and many of them are really focusing on carbohydrates and trying to get them as low as possible,” said Avera Registered Dietitian, Lauren Cornay.

She says carbs are one of the easiest sources of fuel for our body, but on low-carb diets the body must get energy from somewhere else.

“If we’re doing extremely high fat like the Ketogenic diet, then it’s forced to use fat as a fuel source and the byproduct of that is called a ketone and that’s why it’s called the Ketogenic diet or you’re in ketosis,” said Cornay.

Some foods folks can eat on low-carb or Keto diets include meats, avocados and nuts. Businesses like “Boss’ Pizza & Chicken” in Sioux Falls are capitalizing on diet trends. Three weeks ago they began offering cauliflower crust pizza , along with cauliflower breadsticks and broasted chicken without breading. They also offer low- carb salads.

“As a business from our standpoint, we’d like to be able to cater to a larger segment of customers and if you’re able to cater to people that wouldn’t otherwise be able to get pizza and chicken and you can offer them a healthier version of pizza and chicken, you know that can increase your customer base,” said owner Jeremy Seefeldt.

Customers have been interested in trying their low-carb options and Seefeldt says there’s been a positive response to the cauliflower crust.

“Our customers almost unanimously have thought it’s been fantastic and say they’re going to buy it again,” said Seefeldt.

Then there are restaurants out there like “Daily Clean Food & Drink” who understand that some people have diet restrictions due to their health. The restaurant aims to cater to as many diets as they can like Keto, low-carb, vegan, vegetarian even and dairy free.

“We just try to keep everything as clean as possible and keep it as close to from the earth as possible,” said co-owner Shaley Bolks.

“I think a lot of people feel like when they go out to eat at other places they’re being very picky and have to really tear things apart to be able to eat it. Here we have not only those options, but we have staff that has dietary restrictions themselves, so we all understand,” said Bolks.

No matter your diet, many places want your business. So as diets become popular, chances are you’ll see them make their way into different restaurants.

Before trying any diets, Avera Dietitian, Lauren Cornay recommends you speak with a doctor who has extensive knowledge of these diets to see if it’s the right fit for you.


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