The Best Keto Cookbooks with All the Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes You Need

Best Keto Cookbooks

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By now, you’ve probably heard of the ketogenic diet —or keto, for short—the mega-popular eating trend that’s taken the wellness world by storm. In fact, this low-carb, high-fat diet was deemed the most popular diet plan of 2018 . And while there has been some controversy over the long-term health benefits, tons of people (celebs included) rave over the eating plan and what it’s done for their minds and bodies.

But if you’ve only recently hopped on the keto bandwagon , you may find yourself feeling limited in your food choices. The best way to succeed in this eating style is by fueling your body with delicious, fulfilling meals that keep you satiated—and when you do this, chances are you won’t even miss your old carb-heavy lifestyle. That’s why it’s so important to have some of the best keto recipes on hand for those inevitable moments when you’re starving and don’t know what to reach for.

Below, we’ve outlined the seven best keto cookbooks to try this year. Investing in one of these cookbooks will allow you to have tons of yummy and satisfying keto recipes at your disposal. The best part? They’re all highly rated by keto dieters, so you can trust that the recipes inside are top-notch. From appetizers and snacks to dinner options and keto dessert recipes, these ketogenic cookbooks have it all, and the delicious keto eats inside are endless—so you’ll never be left hungry and wondering what your next meal should be. Best All-In-One Keto Cookbook with Tons of Different Recipes: Craveable Keto

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Created by Kyndra Holley, founder of the super-popular blog Peace, Love, and Low Carb , this cookbook includes step-by-step instructions for living a healthy lifestyle through keto. Complete with over 130 recipes—as well as extensive keto meal plans and shopping lists—it has everything you need to make your diet plan a success. That’s probably why nearly 1,300 customers gave the book a perfect five-star rating on Amazon.

Buy it, $24 Best for Low-Carb Comfort Food Swaps: Keto Comfort Foods

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One of the toughest parts of starting a new diet plan is missing (typically unhealthy) comfort foods. But with this keto cookbook, you won’t have to. This super-popular recipe book offers tons of healthier, nutrient-dense swaps for your favorite comfort foods that are still family-friendly and delicious. Customers can attest to this—it has more than 1,000 reviews and a perfect five-star rating.

One reviewer called this "the best-tasting recipes I’ve tried" and said, "I got this hoping to make more creative dishes outside the usual bacon, eggs, and cauliflower dishes I typically make. Keto is great, but sometimes it’s hard to know what to make next. When I received Keto Comfort Foods , I was blown away by how many delicious recipes there were. I could make a new recipe every other day and make it through the year. On top of that, all the foods that make me weak, like fried chicken or chocolate muffins, are ketofied in here."

Buy it, $22 Best Daily Keto Recipes for Beginners: The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen

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Along with tips and tricks on living a keto lifestyle every day, The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen cookbook also includes shopping lists, keto guides, and more than 150 step-by-step recipes for entrées, snacks, desserts, and more. More than 800 reviewers highly rated this cookbook and loved the yummy recipes that are suitable for everyone.

"Brilliant! I love this cookbook! You will not be disappointed. It is packed with recipes that I will use all the time from everyday meals to elegant dinner parties—appetizers, sides, soups, main dishes, desserts, and more," said one reviewer. "Unlike some of the other keto or low-carb cookbooks written by other authors, the majority of ingredients for the recipes can be bought locally, which is a deciding factor when you live in a small, rural, country town. The cookbook is family friendly, filled with recipes even children will enjoy. Included are perfectly conveyed instructions with beautiful pictures."

Buy it, $24 Best Keto Cookbook for Vegans: Vegan Keto

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Believe it or not, you can do the keto diet and still stick to a vegan eating plan—and this book shows you exactly how. It includes more than 60 low-carb, high-fat recipes that are made with plant-based proteins, so they’re vegan and vegetarian-friendly . Along with recipes, it includes four weekly meal plans, keto tips, and shopping lists.

Shoppers love this cookbook for plant-based keto options. One reviewer called it "the ideal cookbook" and said, "Whether you are vegan, following a keto diet, or just looking for simple whole food recipes, this is so worthwhile. The formatting of the book is very easy to read and truly informative. I have had this book merely a week and have already made eight to nine recipes in here. The best aspect is the meal plan in the back of the book. It follows four weeks of meals with grocery lists and planning tips. It made my week 100 times easier. Some of the recipes require special ingredients that may take a moment to track down, but if you read ahead, there are no real surprises. It’s a wonderful book and I haven’t hit a bad recipe yet."

Buy it, $13 Best for Ketogenic Desserts: Easy Keto Desserts

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If you’re looking for sweet treats that fit in with your keto lifestyle, this book has it all. You’ll find more than 60 low-carb, low-sugar, and high-fat dessert recipes —including cakes, cookies, candy, and more—for a variety of occasions. Shoppers rave over the recipes in this book and even gave it a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

One person said, "If you have a sweet tooth, this book is for you!” and continued, "Carolyn Ketchum does the BEST desserts! It’s how I found her blog in the first place. If you’re low-carbing and you’re missing desserts, here’s the book for you. I can’t wait to try the butterscotch pudding and the butter cake. I know if I need a dessert for a special occasion I can always count on a ‘Carolyn recipe’ to come through. Her crockpot cakes are delicious and couldn’t be easier! You won’t be sorry! GET THIS BOOK!"

Buy it, $13 Best for Paleo-Friendly Keto Recipes: Made Whole

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Your ultimate guide to a paleo and keto hybrid diet , this cookbook offers more than 145 healthy recipes that are meant for an anti-inflammatory, paleo lifestyle and are made with nutritious, whole foods only. It has nearly 500 five-star reviews from customers, who say the book is a must-have for a paleo and/or keto lifestyle. One reviewer said it’s full of "good, tasty, and wholesome dishes."

Buy it, $15 Best for Keto Drinks and Cocktails: Keto Happy Hour

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Another fan favorite by low-carb guru Kyndra Holley, this option is your all-in-one guide for drinking alcohol on the keto diet. This fun book includes more than 50 keto-friendly cocktails that you can enjoy without slowing your progress. Along with a variety of cocktail recipes, it also includes some healthified food recipes for bar snacks and tips for navigating alcohol and keto. Tons of reviewers love this book for the cocktail options as well as the pub food.

One user said, "This is a great cocktail book whether you follow a ketogenic lifestyle or not, because they are not laden with sugar. There are SO many delicious recipes no matter what your favorite alcohol is and a number of DIY recipes that are the building blocks to other recipes. Just like her Craveable Keto cookbook , this also includes beautiful images of what the cocktail is supposed to look like. It contains nutritional information on alcohol and each mixed drink. And, there are a handful of recipes for happy hour foods. The garlic parmesan wings are my fave!" Buy it, $13


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